It may seem obvious but the first decision is which part of the house should a conservatory extend from. Appearance, view and available space are factors, of course, but you might also want to consider how much direct sunlight it will receive and in what part of the day. There may also be planning and safety implications but Dave Oxley, as a GGF Conservatory Association Member, will advise on these matters.

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We stand with likeminded business owners who want to reassure their customers in their ability to do the job right! We do this being part of associations that have guidelines in place and strict rules for joining. This way the customer knows with confidence that we are trustworthy, honest and stick by the rules and guidelines put forward by these associations. In choosing a FENSA double glazing registered company the consumer is offered greater protection when purchasing double glazing for their home.

Economically, the Lift Out is the most cost effective type of secondary glazing available. Its most common application is where limited access to the primary window is required, for example a window which has been installed with the sole object of providing light to a room. As well as economical, the Lift Out is also the most basic form of secondary glazing. As its name implies, it simply lifts out of a secured channel. For practical purposes, it is advised that the sash size be considered since the weight of glass must be of manageable proportions.

Triple Glazing has been around for many years, but until very recently most triple glazed products have incorporated 28mm thick units. This thickness is more commonly found in double glazed windows. As such, this range truly qualifies as being one of the best high performance windows available in the UK and all our triple glazed windows are backed up by a British fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) energy label. Although many double glazed windows achieve an 'A' rating, the next generation triple glazed windows can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home even further.

Our windows & doors are available in many colours, they don't just have to be White or Brown. A rated windows are a huge improvement over most of the double glazed windows installed over the last 30 years, almost all of which will lose nearly twice as much heat as an A rated window. Thats why Dave Oxley Windows only use A rated Windows!

A distinctive range of top quality doors giving an operation as smooth as silk and a long, trouble free life. There are literally dozens of design options to choose from including fully glazed, half glazed and panelled. You can choose glass which is frosted, patterned or stained. Your doors can be inward or outward opening and can be fitted with a wheelchair friendly threshold if required. The bi-folding door meets the demands of contemporary living and combines this with beauty and practical functionality.