Adding a conservatory is a major home improvement and we can help you with every aspect of the project to make the whole process as simple and as worry-free as possible. Points that need to be considered include design and style, positioning, permission, ventilation, floor and wall finishes, gutters and downpipes and interior finishing.

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Maghull Double Glazing is still open for Sales enquiries however we have closed our office, showroom and workshop for the lock-down period. Please feel free to contact for a Sales enquiry by phone leaving a message - 0151 526 8200 or by our contact form on this site. We hope everyone remains safe and well and many thanks for your patience in this trying time. We are the leading and longest running double glazing company in Liverpool, Merseyside. Having been successfully trading for over 40 years we offer a 5 star service to all of our customers.

Are French doors secure? It's a common misconception that French doors aren't secure, and one that you shouldn't take any notice of. The Maghull Double Glazing team have been fitting perfectly secure French doors for decades now, and we are here to dispel the myth associated with these stunning creations. In reality, the security of any door is dependent on the build quality of the door itself. Given that we have been the trusted window company of Merseyside and beyond for years, the quality of our work is unquestionable.

Purchasing new double glazed windows doesn't need to be a difficult process, but there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of before committing. The team at Maghull Double Glazing are on hand to help, and will happily give our expert advice on what to look for when buying UPVC windows. First and foremost, you'll want to be sure of the energy efficiency of the UPVC windows in question. All windows have what is known as a Window Energy Rating (WER). This rating system runs from A to G and, as you might have guessed, rates the energy rating of a window.

If you're wondering how much it is going to cost to replace your windows in your house, there are an array of factors that you need to consider. We understand more than anyone why you might want to replace your current windows, and why you are researching the average price for new windows. Not what you wanted to hear? We understand. A rough estimate per replacement window fitted is between 350 and 600. However, believe us when we tell you that the price can differ a lot, based on a number of factors.

When you have single glazed windows in the house, you will notice that some of your rooms feel much hotter during summers and colder during winters. Owing to these reasons, more and more people are now opting for double glazing their windows as well as doors, but the main question to ponder on here is: will double glazing stop condensation and what are the benefits of double glazing? The term glazing, derived from the Middle English word for glass, is a specialised window term. Keep in mind that even nowadays, people who repair or fix window glass are often called glaziers, and you're more likely to hear the word glazing used in a more technical manner when many window manufacturers call their window designs "single-glazed" or "double-glazed."

Seeing the world outside through a clear window is a domestic pleasure. A foggy or misty window is rather annoying, and in addition to the unsightly view, if water drips down to the panes, it could cause mildew and spoil timber window frames. Double glazing is an effective way to reduce condensation on your windows, plus a host of other benefits, like decreasing energy costs, enhancing the safety of your house, and generally increasing its value. It's good to know why condensation happens and how to minimise its occurrence.

Double-glazed windows feature two glass sheets with a gap in between them. The gap, that is normally 16mm, creates an insulating barrier to reduce the rate at which heat disappears from your home. Today, triple-glazed windows are available. They feature three sheets of glass meaning they have two insulating gaps to offer even better insulation. Not all units last the same. This is even if they are all from a similar double glazing company. Based on the aforementioned factors, some units may last for as little as ten years while others can remain intact for far longer than the usual 20 years.

Our Conservatories are built to last and designed to impress. Conservatories are a great way to give extra space and allow you to enjoy your garden while still being indoors. Our conservatories are designed to allow maximum natural light and made to stand the test of time. A Conservatory can be a big decision so we work with you to ensure you are getting what you want. We can come out to give you a consultation and advise and explain what the best features are and most of all see what you like.