Conservatories in Coventry

List of Coventry based companies, suppliers and manufacturers offering design, building, installation and maintenance services.

Inspired by the great tradition of classic British conservatories, our structures are timeless yet thoroughly modern. Just as the techniques used to create conservatories have evolved considerably over the years, so have their uses; where 19th century aristocrats cultivated plants, 21st century folk use theirs for everything from Sunday afternoon naps to entertaining the grandchildren.

We are a specialist supplier of bespoke conservatories, which have been specifically designed for ease of installation. We specialise in the supply of high specification PVC-u conservatories, specially designed for Easy Self-Assembly with the average DIY'er in mind.

We promise the conservatory build and the fitting would all supervised by ourselves and will NOT left in the hands of subcontractor builders. Maximum heat insulation is a must so all walls, floors, roofs, frames, polycarbonates and glass are specified with this in mind, in order so that your conservatory can be used 365 days in a year.

We provide top quality joinery services across the West Midlands. We pride ourselves on our fine joinery skills and have a team of highly skilled, fully trained staff that are able to complete any job, big or small.

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